Communities of Excellence (CX) Reports

2020 Quality and Reach scores for 13 indicators are being generated for each of the 61 local lead agencies (LLAs) in California by rating policies against a subset of questions in the policy rubrics developed in consultation with the PETS Policy Advisory Committee and informed by model policy language developed by ChangeLab Solutions, Public Health Law Center, and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights.

Indicator Quality Scores – The Quality score for each Indicator is a percentage calculated by aggregating the number of points the jurisdictions within an LLA receive for their tobacco-related ordinances on selected scored questions and dividing those points by the total amount of points possible for that Indicator to receive across all jurisdictions within the LLA. The Quality score includes a zero for jurisdictions with no policy. The purpose is to assess the quality of legislated policies public health standards and best practices.
Indicator Reach Scores – The Reach score for each Indicator is a percentage calculated by aggregating the population of all jurisdictions within the LLA that have an ordinance related to the Indicator and dividing that population by the total population within the LLA. The purpose is to assess the proportion of the population within the LLA that is protected by specific types of legislated policy.

2020 | CX Indicator Information

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CX Indicator Reports

2.2.6: Smokefree Outdoor Dining/Bars/Service Areas :
2.2.9: Smokefree Outdoor Non-Recreational Public Areas :
2.2.13: Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing:
2.2.29: Eliminate Tobacco Product Sales to Address Tobacco Waste :
2.2.35: Smokefree Outdoor Public Places :
3.2.2: Tobacco Retailer Density/Zoning:
3.2.9: Menthol and Other Flavored Tobacco Products:

3.2.17: No Sale of Tobacco Products: